Welcome to the Signet – an enduring, two handed racing dinghy perfect for all levels, from beginner to veteran. A signet offers entry level sailors an easy platform from which to develop their sailing skills, right through to the serious competitor who enjoys very competitive, close racing.

At 14ft in length, the Signet is similar in length to the popular skiff classes but is best described as a training dinghy after which the seasoned sailor can move up to skiffs like that of the Javelin, Cherub or International 14.

The Signet is built to last, conventionally made of wood. The boat is easily launched with two people, with most boats using a beach trolley for easy storage, rigging and launching. The boats are easy to sail once familiar with their setup and offer the perfect training solution as it contains ALL aspects of the faster skiffs but in a more manageable setting. 

This boat is very stable, housing a main, a jib (front sail) and a spinnaker (for downwind sailing). These boats are of a standard design which gives them equal performance. Racing success therefore depends only the skill level of the skipper and crew!

Who can sail a Signet?

The Signet is best suited to an Adult and a Child, two teenagers, two adults and every combination in between! It is a great boat to sail on with a family member with approximately half the fleet at PDSC being sailed by families sailing together or on separate Signets.

The Signet requires the crew to lean out, or “hike”, to keep the boat flat but has less sail area (and so less power) than the skiff’s that also sail out of PDSC – this means the boat is manageable in almost all wind conditions without overpowering the crew easily. This class is perfect for those wanting to ‘learn the ropes’ so to speak but without being thrown into the deep end. If you can sail a Signet, you can sail any class!

The Signet has seen most it’s crew be either side the age bracket of 25 – 50. Between this age bracket many sailors seek the thrill of a skiff! After they have had their fun, most sailors that are aging move into the more manageable of the skiffs, the Javelin (though there are some excellent veterans still on the International 14’s!) or they migrate towards the Signet.

Whether you are a novice looking to learn or a seasoned sailor looking for an easily manageable, fun, competitive and family-friendly class, the Signet is for you. We encourage you to view the description of all the classes to see which is best suited to you and your needs but if you are still debating, why not come down and see for yourself! We sail most Saturdays 2pm – 5pm but many members are at the club by midday (12pm). Feel free to pop in and see first-hand what the club has to offer!

Why just sit on the beach watching your kids or spouse sail when you could do it with them!

What is the racing like?

So why is Signet racing so good, and why do we enjoy it so much? There are quite a few factors that make all the difference when it comes to providing great sail racing.

We are a one-design class where it is the skill of the skipper that is the deciding factor. At the Perth Dinghy Sailing Club, we sail as our own class, rather than in mixed-class fleets. This means that we enjoy great, close racing. Don’t under-estimate how enjoyable it is to participate in racing where you find yourself within a couple of boat lengths of other boats right around the course!


Never raced before?

  • We all started sometime – give it a try!
  • There is a broad range of experience across the fleet, and you’ll always find yourself competing against boats no matter what your standard.
  • And finally, we’re a friendly bunch – sailors socialise well before and after the race.

What it costs?

The Signet is one of the most affordable classes to start sailing in and a fully set up rig and sails starts from around $1,000.

PDSC Class Captain Signets 
Marc Rowlands M: 0424 894471

Signets are also sailed in the UK. Click Here to visit the UK Signet Class Owners Association Website and their Twitter page


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