PDSC Parking 

With the completion of Forrest Hall 1 and our new boat storage compound, PDSC will be improving security at the club, including the installation of an electronically operated cable-gate across the main entrance. This improvement will allow the Club to manage parking on the club grounds, creating benefits for our members and restricting access to non-members.

All members will be able to park on the grounds on sailing days (Saturdays during the sailing season). However, on non-sailing days vehicular access to the grounds will be restricted to members with approval to park. Ordinary (Full) Members, Student Members and Life Members will be able park in the PDSC grounds at any time, but will need to obtain an electronic key fob (with payment of a $5.50 non-refundable deposit). Social (Associate) Members can apply for permission to park in the PDSC on non-sailing days but will need to pay an additional parking fee of $110/season (or $55 for a half-season or university semester) and obtain an electronic key fob (with payment of a $5.50 non-refundable deposit). 

Please note replacement electronic key fobs are $20

By managing access to the PDSC grounds on non-sailing days, these changes are expected to improve security and attract new Social Members who want to take advantage of the available parking on the grounds

Full PDSC Parking Poliicy can be found below

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