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Australian Sailing recognises that privacy is important and providing personal information is an act of trust. Australian Sailing takes that seriously, and will manage your Information only in accordance with its Privacy Policy available at: https://www.sailing.org.au/about/privacy-policy/

Individuals must promptly advise their Affiliated Club of any change of name, address or other relevant identification and contact details, either in writing or electronically.

Individuals acknowledge and consent to Australian Sailing’s use of their personal information for the purpose of sending electronically or by other means, newsletters from Australian Sailing and Affiliated Clubs, which may include information of sponsors or other third parties.

Perth Dinghy Sailing Club

I agree to the following terms and conditions of Perth Dinghy Sailing Club (PDSC) Membership:

1. I declare the information on this registration form to be true and correct. I agree to the use of my personal information as stated here to be used by the Management Committee of the PDSC for the purposes of communication in relation to PDSC and the activities and/or events associated with PDSC.

2. Junior and Intermediate members must have at least one parent/guardian as an Associate or Full member.

3. I accept as a condition of entry in PDSC events for myself, my heirs, executors and administrators hereby waive all and any claim, right of cause of action which I or they might otherwise have for or arising out of loss of my life or injury, damage or loss of any description whatsoever, which I may suffer or sustain in the course of or consequent upon my entry or participation in PDSC events. I will abide by the Competition Rules governing these events. This waiver, release and discharge shall be and operate separately in favour of all persons, corporations and bodies involved or otherwise engaged in the promoting or staging of the event and the servants agents; representatives and officers of any of them and includes, but is not limited to the PDSC Inc., PDSC Management Committee, Event Sponsors, Producers, volunteers and officials.

4. Safety precautions undertaken by officials are a service to me and other competitors but are not a guarantee of safety.

5. I agree to abide by the conditions of the events as stated herewith upon literature and other material distributed in connection with the events.

6. My attention has been drawn to the ISAF Fundamental RRS 7. "Decision to Race" which states "The responsibility for a boat's decision to participate in a race or to continue racing is hers alone".

8. The entry of the boat and crew is agreed to and accepted by PDSC on the basis that the skipper and crew are individually aware of the risks involved in the sport of sailing and that the participation in this event is entirely at the risk of the skipper and crew. 

9. The skipper/crew has comprehensive insurance including third party liability cover with a minimum of $10 million for each and every incident.

10. PDSC and its officials accept no responsibility for the safe keeping or insurance of any boat or its equipment stored within the club grounds. It is the responsibility of each boat owner to ensure their boat has the appropriate insurance whilst being stored and/or sailed at PDSC.

11. I give PDSC permission to use images in which I appear in Club communication such as social media, website, newsletters or advertising or on signs etc, which have been taken at the Club/Event . I give PDSC permission to use images in which my child/children (under 18) appear in Club communication such as social media, website, newsletters or advertising or on signs etc, which have been taken at the Club/Event . In agreeing to the conditions outlined above, Members (or parents/guardians in the case of children under 18) assign ownership, editorial control, and the use of resulting photographs to PDSC.
Should you wish to OPT OUT - please check the box on the registration form or advise the PDSC Management Committee in writing. 

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