Perth Dinghy Sailing Club has recently introduced a foiling class comprising of the WASZP and Moth.


The WASZP project was conceived in 2010 and put into production in June 2016 by Andrew McDougall, designer of the world beating Mach 2 foiling Moth.

The concept was for a foiling platform that enables closer one-design racing, less complex rigging, affordable to all sailors while being accessible to a wider range of ages and weights. Creating a brand and culture that takes sailing into the mainstream.


Affordability – The most affordable foiling dinghy at $USD10,500

Accessibility – Simple ordering system and agent support in over 30 countries

Durability – Boat has been engineered to take the strain of learning right through to world class racing.

Learning platform – Forgiving learning platform, most sailors with a moderate amount of dinghy experience will foil in their first session.

Closest foiling racing in the world – The one-design nature provides the closest and most exciting foiling racing in the world!

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WASZP Website
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PDSC Class Captain Foiling Fleet

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