Management Committee & Officials

Management Committee 2023/24 Season

Commodore: Jeremy Brown
Vice Commodore: Chelsea Baker
Rear Commodore:  David Creed
Rear Commodore: Darryl Everett
Hon. Secretary: Vacant
Hon. Treasurer: Andrew Rose
Hon. Registrar:  Luisa Mollan
Committee Members:  Matt Clark-Massera, Ben Mawson, Michael Dean, Jenny Kerman

Management Meetings (1st Tuesday of the Month - except January)


Patron: B Devine
Vice Patron:  J. Thomas & G. Everett
Trustees: B. Whately, B. Kerman, R. Hancock
Immediate Past Commodore: S. Sloss
Hon Auditor: B. Mezger
Licensee: G. Moore
Bar Manager: R. Baker & P. Depiazzi 
Shop: L Brown
Swan River Racing Committee & Representative: J. Brown
Risk Management: M. Dean
Club Clothing Merchandise: J. McVee
Coaching & Junior Development: M.Clark-Massera
Archivist: J. McVee & R. Smith
Club Coaches: M.Clark - Massera, V. Horn, A. Wilson, B. Mawson, S. Johnson,  L. Devine, D.Moore, D. Bull
Starters, Timekeepers & Safety Boats: V. Newbury, T. Burt, D. Creed,  C. Baird,  K. Johnson, L Kunzli, D.Kunzli, L. Mollan, P.Harffey, I. Kane, P. Depiazzi, K. Trapp, C, Baker, Y Doherty, C Oakley

Class Captains

I14s: Matt Clark-Massera
Javelins: Russell Hanrahan
Foiling: David Von Felten
Cherubs: Emma Furlong
29ers: TBC
Sabres: Andrew Stamp
Signets: Marc Rowlands
Herons: Jeremy Brown
Jay Dees: Ben Mawson
Open Skiffs: TBC
Mudlarks: TBC

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