On Water Information

On Water Information

Here you will find all the useful information you need for sailing at PDSC.Don't forget to refer to the Sailing Program for important dates for class and club events.

The Sailing Program for Season 2023/24 is available here

Course Sheets
Laminated courses sheets are provided per boat in your membership pack. Additional laminated course sheets can be purchased from the canteen at $1 each. Alternatively, you can download the courses for yourself at the link below

Open Skiff Course Sheet 2023/24
Jay Dee Course Sheet 2023/24
Signet Course Sheet 2023/24
Sabre Course Sheet 2023/24
WASZP Course Sheet 2023/24
Cherub Course Sheer 2023/24
Javelin Course Sheet 2023/24
I14 Course Sheet 2023/24


Sailing Instructions
Sailing Instructions for Season 2023/24 are available here

Notice to Competitors 1 - 2/11/23

Swan River Marks

If you are new to sailing on the Swan River or would like a refresher on where all the marks are, the map of the Swan River Marks will be very useful. Please refer to the Australian Sailing WA webpage

Swan River Marks Map


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